Neck and Upper back


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General Overview

Neck and Upper Back Pain

The neck (or cervical spine) is a highly complex structure which supports the head and allows extensive range of movement. It is vulnerable to injury and wear and tear problems, making it one of the most common conditions we treat. It can also be the origin of head pain and headaches.

It is composed of seven bones, (vertebrae), which are numbered from the base of the skull downwards, C1-C7. The upper two are a different shape to the others, allowing for extensive rotational movement.

The vertebrae are peculiarly shaped bones which are linked to their adjacent vertebrae by small joints (called facet joints). There is a ‘disc’ situated between each vertebrae which has a soft gel-like centre surrounded by a tough fibrous outer layer. The disc acts like a ‘shock absorber’ and helps give the neck its great flexibility.

The spinal cord is protected within the vertebrae. There are branches, (nerve roots), coming off the spinal cord between each vertebrae and going down the arms.

The upper back (or thoracic spine) is similar in design the neck but with 12 vertebrae, also with a disc in between them. The vertebrae are numbered T1-T12 and are slightly different in shape and have a rib attachment resulting in greater stability but reduced flexibility.

Neck and Upper Back Conditions that we treat

  • Neck related headaches
  • Stiff, painful neck
  • Disc conditions (bulging/slipped/degenerative/ruptured discs)
  • Trapped nerves and referred arm/hand pain from the neck
  • Whiplash injuries
  • Arthritis/cervical spondylosis
  • Wry neck (Torticollis)
  • Postural/stress related neck pain
  • Costochondritis (breastbone and rib cartilage pain)
  • Fractures (broken bones)
  • Post surgery

This list is not exhaustive; please ring the clinic if you have any queries about other conditions or injuries.

Your condition will be thoroughly assessed by your physiotherapist/osteopath, who will explain their findings and discuss the proposed treatment plan with you for your agreement.

Neck and Upper Back Treatment

When treating neck problems it is particularly important to try and address the cause of the problem to try to prevent reoccurrence. You will be given a tailored exercise program to prevent reoccurrence.

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